Kennesaw Mountain painting edited by Tina A Stoffel

New Art Gallery Relationship

Happy New Year Everyone

This new year is starting off with some great news. I would like to announce that I am developed a new art gallery relationship with a Kennesaw gallery and cafe titled Simmer Time Cafe and Art Gallery  which will be representing some of my paintings. 

Mark Your Calendar

Don’t miss this exciting art gallery and cafe Grand Opening Friday, January 19, 2018.  I’m excited about this new art gallery relationship. You will find me at their Grand Opening  along with some of my paintings. 

What is it Simmer Time Cafe and Art Gallery?

  • A historical old two story building from the 1800’s
  • Cafe Downstairs (Serving breakfast and lunch) Click here to see their menu
  • Art Gallery Upstairs (no elevator)
  • Alcohol is not being served at this time


Kennesaw Art Gallery
Simmer Time Cafe And Art Gallery


About the New Art Gallery Relationship

Since entering this new art gallery relationship, I’ve submitted  7  pieces at the art gallery. As soon as the frame is ready, I will also be adding my Kennesaw Mountain painting to the gallery. It is possible it may even be there for the Grand Opening. Simmer Time Art Gallery will be representing a variety of artists from painters, sculptors, jewelry and more. Additionally, they will be selling specialty jams and other items. 

New Art Gallery Relationship Kennesaw Mountain art gallery painting by Tina A Stoffel
Kennesaw Mountain painting by Tina A Stoffel

As time goes by, I plan to bring more works to the gallery. 


See to view my other works. 


Upcoming News

Exciting new things are happening this year, so please keep watching or sign up for my newsletter. 


Thank  you for reading. Hoping you stay extra warm during this very cold winter. Feel free to share and have a great week.

Written by 

Tina A Stoffel



Finding Stolen Images

Finding Stolen Images in 3 Steps

Stolen Images

Finding stolen images took a little effort, but it wasn’t too hard. Yesterday, I found 5 of my paintings being used across several websites.  These images were used without permission, proper credit or linkbacks. For the record, as most of us artists would agree, I’m honored to have my work shared with proper credit and a linkback. However, under copyright law I do hold full copyright on my images. After all, I have spent hours, studying, practicing, and creating. It’s only right that you give proper credit.


Finding Stolen Images in 3 Steps

This works best in the Google Chrome Browswer.


Step 1:

Open Google Chrome and select images

Finding Stolen Images Step 1
Finding Stolen Images on Google Step 1


Step 2:

Click on the Camera icon  

Finding Stolen Images Step 2
Finding Stolen Images on Google Step 2


Step 3:  

Drag your image into the search bar (use the appropriate titled image)Run the search and view your results 

Finding Stolen Images on Google Step 3
Finding Stolen Images on Google Step 3


Prevent Stolen Images

While there probably isn’t a fool proof method, there are precautions you can take to prevent stolen images: Hopefully you will not find stolen work as I did in the image below, but I believe it’s inevitable for artists. The best way to fight this growing problem is to be proactive. You need to take precautions not to upload high images. See my post here for tips.

What to do if you find your stolen images are being used without your permission.

  1. Kindly ask the violator to take down the images or give proper credit and a linkback.
  2. Send a DMCA, Digial Millenial Copyright Act, violation notice

Upon finding stolen images, there are a few steps to follow when sending a takedown notice 

According to fellow artist and lawyer, Kiffane Stahle, to send a DMCA,

  • You will need to first find the web hosting provider
  • Find the copyright agent under the sites legal terms of use
  • Draft a DMCA takedown notice

WhoisHostingThis provides a quick easy way to get your resources

Find the sites web hosting provider here

Create an automatic DCIM notice here

I want to thank Kiffane Stahle for setting me on the correct path. To read a little more in depth, or contact her, please refer to her website:

In closing, I also had another artist friend mention, but you have to pay for a plan. This may be more helpful if you have an established art business and images used in countries that aren’t so great with copyright.

I hope this post was helpful to you. Please feel free to share it. 

Written by Tina A Stoffel


Holiday Gift Guide Tinas Fine Arts

2017 Holiday Gift Guide

Searching for that perfect gift? I’ve just made it a little easier for you with this 2017 Holiday Gift Guide. 

Depending on your device, either click  on the 2017 Holiday Gift Guide title or scroll down to view the gift guide. 

This Holiday Gift Guide (below) includes for just about everyone on your list.  You will find unique, creative and decorative ideas in this holiday gift guide such as: 

  • personal items
  • home decor
  • electronic device cases
  • travel items
  • some apparel
  • small and larger gifts alike 
  • gifts for him boys and men
  • gifts for her
  • gifts for older persons
  • gifts for younger persons (mostly teen and up) 

Some of my favorites have been the trivets from my online Zazzle store and the stationery from Society6.  For those of you who aren’t familiar, trivets are used to protect tables and kitchen surfaces from hot items. Find something you like? just click on the page to go straight to the item page in my on demand store.

What are these stores featured in this holiday gift guide?

These are reputable and https secure print on-demand marketplace providers for items I have specially created. I’ve bought from both of them with no problems. 

Promotions Promotions Promotions

Oh, by the way, this is the time of year my suppliers for the items in this Holiday Gift Guide run their best sales, so make sure you check the top page banners for sales and promo codes. 

For more information on the gift items, click on the item for the link. That’s all there is to it. Feel free to contact me with any special requests or questions. Happy Shopping.

Lastly, you can always find original art on my web site’s home page:

If you enjoyed this post. Please share with your friends.

Tina A Stoffel

Complimentary December 2017 Artistic Calendar

Complimentary December 2017 Artistic Calendar

About the Complimentary December 2017 Artistic Calendar Download

This calendar features my Red Daylily painting that was recently framed in a beautiful frame. I’m posting that image to it’s page soon.  I can’t help but notice you all have been downloading these calendars more and more. By the looks of the numbers and can tell you all like the downloads.  Where did the time go? Yikes! I’m a few days late, but this is a pretty one. Here is your complimentary December 2017 Artistic Calendar Download on me.

Complimentary December 2017 calendar
December 2017 calendar by Tina A Stoffel


Click here for your download. December-2017-calendar.jpg (6 downloads)

Why I Was Late Posting the Complimentary December 2017 Artistic Calendar


Again, I’m sorry I’m a bit late, but it’s been super busy for me. For one thing, I have been busy painting some exciting Christmas Commissions that I can not share until after the surprise gift is opened. Also, if you didn’t see on social media, I just completed a nice sized tiger commission that just shipped to a collector in Indiana.  I was pretty happy with it. As a matter of fact, I liked it so much it was sort of hard to ship. I’m sharing for your viewing pleasure. Hahahaha. Who knows. It may be on a calendar some day. 

Tiger Painting Tina A Stoffel LR
Tiger Painting Tina A Stoffel LR


Tiger Products and Gift Ideas

If you liked these recent tigers, guess what, I’m adding them to some fun products such as throw pillows, Clocks, prints and more. I only have the white one available now. I did some neat editing with it.  Here is an example of the Mouse pad, but I have pillows and coasters in this store too. Have a look and check the banners. They have a different sale every day. 




Gift Guide

Meanwhile, I’m trying to put a gift guide together, so keep your eyes open. I’m hoping to do that by next week. In the meantime, you can get an idea of some of the gift ideas on my page here Gifts and Home Decor. 

Share away

Feel free to share this post and/or my art with my name credit. It’s one of the best compliments I can get and it’s very helpful to me.
Last but not least. Stay tuned for some exciting news. I wish you all a happy holiday season filled with love, peace and joy.
Tina A Stoffel
Cyber Monday Creative Deals from Tina A Stoffel Arts

Cyber Monday Creative Gift Deals

Happy Monday everyone. It’s more than just framed prints.  Here are the Cyber Monday Creative Gift Deals from my print suppliers. 

Of course there is more than just music items, I just decided to mostly feature them in this post.  Deals end at Midnight. Please note, items in the cover image are available between the two stores listed below. 


Cyber Monday Creative Gift Deals From Society6/Tina A Stoffel Arts Store

Click Photos to link for more information


Cyber Monday Creative Gifts b yTina A Stoffel
Cyber Monday Creative Gifts byTina A Stoffel
Cyber Monday Creative Gifts byTina A Stoffel
Cyber Monday Creative Gifts byTina A Stoffel
Cyber Monday Creative Gifts byTina A Stoffel
Cyber Monday Creative Gifts byTina A Stoffel


Cyber Monday Creative Gift Deals From Zazzle/FineDezineArts

(Tina A Stoffel’s Store Name) 

It doesn’t get much better than this: TODAY ONLY: Up to 70% Off Business Cards, T-Shirts, Ornaments, Pillows & More  |  25% Off Sitewide  |  Use Code: ZCYBERMONDAY  |


Click images to link to more information


Holiday Item Gifts by Tina A Stoffel
Holiday Item Gifts by Tina A Stoffel
Kitchen Gift Ideas by Tina A Stoffel
Artistic Kitchen Accessories by Tina A Stoffel



Mens Gift Ideas by Tina A Stoffel
Artistic Mens Accessories by Tina A Stoffel
Designer Travel Gear by Tina A Stoffel
Designer Travel Gear

TIP: To navigate the FineDezineArts Zazzle Store,  It’s easiest to search by the category menu located at the top. 


Deals will be running in my online stores all month, but this is mostly likely the best deal you will find. When visiting my designer stores, Society6 or Zazzle, please check their banners for promos codes. They usually change them daily. 

Meanwhile, I”m working on a gift guide. It’s just not linking to my stores as I’d like it too. Keep watching for it and have a great week. 


Written by Tina A Stoffel

Give The Gift of Art

Give The Gift Of Art

While I’m working on surprise holiday commissions, I’m sharing some items you can get from my online stores. Why not give the gift of art. It’s thoughtful, unique and you will be supporting small businesses. 

Holiday Sales

My online shops run sales all month. Although I never know what price they will set, it seems that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the best deals. When you do shop there, check the page banners for promo codes and current sales. For now, I’m showing you my Society6 store where You can find. 

Give The Gift of Art


  • Canvas Prints
  • Framed Prints
  • Unframed Prints

Give the Gift of Art
Art Gifts

Home Decor Items such as

  • Pillows
  • Clocks
  • Mugs
  • Rugs



Plus Personal Items such as

To locate these items, just visit my Society6 shop here: If you want something you do not see, feel free to contact me so I can create it. Many clocks, pillows and larger items have to be custom created.

Of course, if you want something even extra special, be sure to check out my original paintings found on my homepage 

written by Tina A Stoffel 

2017 Holiday Gift Ideas

2017 Holiday Gift Ideas

Before I tell you about some wonderful places to find unique holiday gift ideas, I want to extend my apologies for any and all website errors you have encountered this week. Although I renewed my security certificate early, it seems that there was an error in the certificate.

Finally, today we resolved the issue. 

Where To Find That Special Unique Holiday Gift Idea

Meanwhile, in between painting holiday commissions, I have been adding many products to my stores for holiday gift ideas. Did you know about my two online stores that house loads of amazing products? If not, please have a look.


2017 Holiday Gift Ideas
2017 holiday Gift and Decor ideas.



2017 Holiday Gift Ideas
2017 Holiday Gift Ideas by Tina A Stoffel ARts


Holiday Gift Idea Sales

Please make sure you check the page banners for special offers and promo codes that these stores run and change often throughout the holidays. 

Many products have been created from my art and photography. You’ll find hostess gifts such as 

  • Wine Bags
  • Serving Trays
  • Stone Trivets (my favorite for protecting counter tops from hot items)


  • Prints
  • Coasters
  • Candles
  • Blankets
  • Throw Pillows
  • Carrying cases
  • Tote Bags
  • Ties
  • Bandannas 
  • and more

You will find something for everyone on your list there, and of course, you can  splurge on an original painting by going to the main page on my website, Most items ship for free within the Continental USA (standard shipping only) .

Keep checking social media and my stores (links found under decor and gifts tab) for sales and updates. I’ll be announcing Black Friday sales running through my providers in a newsletter tonight.

Make sure you subscribe on the right for the updates. 

Thanks for reading and being patient.

Tina A Stoffel

Complimentary November Calendar

Happy Halloween. October was so busy with exciting exhibitions that we barely set out pumpkins this year. As a matter of fact, it’s last minute, but here is your complimentary November Calendar. 


Complimentary November Calendar
Complimentary November 2017 Calendar

Download your complimentary copy here: November-Calendar.png (96 downloads)

Approaching the Holidays

Since we are approaching the holiday season, I’m adding new items to my Zazzle and Society 6 Store .

Tina A Stoffel Gift Products
Tina A Stoffel Gift Products


Art Enthusiasts

These are wonderful gift items and a great way to own some art without breaking the bank.  

Fellow Artists

This isn’t a big profit, but is a great way to earn some bread and butter money. It may pay some entry fees, put some gas in your car, etc. 

I know some of you that read this blog are art enthusiasts, and others are artists. You may notice I’m mostly gearing this blog to artists looking for input and advice. My newsletter speaks more to collectors and enthusiasts, but feel free to subscribe, read, and share either one. 

Be on the lookout for an upcoming post elaborating on taking your art to the next level. 

Wishing you a happy Halloween and great month of November. 


Sugar Rush Juried Art Exhibition

Sugar Rush Juried Art Exhibition Saturday

Enjoy the Sugar Rush Jureid Art Exhibition and Fall Festival  happening this weekend, Saturday, Octover 21, 11 am – pm.

Location: 5039 W Broad St, Sugar Hill, GA 30518


Come join the fun and  cast your vote for the Peoples Choice award. With so many of you complimenting my large Pantaleon Lion Painting, I’d love it if you would vote for me.  Pantaleon is also a Light Space and Time special merit winner

Sugar Rush Juried Art Exhbition
Pantaleon in the 2017 Sugar Rush Juried Art Exhbition


Additional Sugar Rush Fall Festival Activities

  • Juried art show
  • Rides and inflatables
  • Pumpkin patch
  • Pottery painting
  • Car painting
  • Panning for gold
  • Activities for dogs
  • GIF booth
  • Caricature artist
  • Arts & crafts
  • Vendors
  • Live painting
  • Face painting
  • and more!
Sugar Rush Exhibition
Sugar Rush Fall Festival and Art Exhibition

Where to find the Sugar Rush Juried Art Exhibition

Enjoy the art show being held in the parking garage which has been transformed into a gallery with over 90 works. 

Art Activities

  • Screen Print your own Sugar Rush Poster
  • Draw on a Doodle Wall
  • Make Sun Prints
  • 30 Foot Interactive Mural by artist Craig Tilley

Thank you for reading and I hope to see you at the Sugar Rush Fall Festival. 

written by Tina A Stoffel


Helping Hurricane Families

After hurricane Harvey devastated Texas, I started a campaign titled Artists for Texas. As a matter of fact, I have relatives that lost everything in that storm. Little did I know that Florida, specifically my former home town Naples was about to get hit just ahead of Puerto Rico. Therefore, as mentioned in the last campaign update, the campaign has been renamed to Art for Disaster Relief and extended until further notice, but likely the end of October. 


The reasons I’m posting about helping hurricane families again is due to encourage others to help with this mass destruction. No amount is too small.  Small amounts lead to larger sums, so every little bit helps.  Additionally, I saw a disturbing video about one of the organizations I was going to donate to, so I’m choosing the following.

  1. Salvation Army
  2. ASPCA

Additionally, I’m making a personal donation to my relatives in Texas that lost everything. They have never needed flood insurance in their location. They were fine until the levy was released. Now they have lost everything.

NOTE, The Takacs fundraiser has currently ended. I’m hoping it will be extended. If so, I will update. 


 I would be honored  you would join me to help out. Thank you. 

Make sure you get your free October Calendar from yesterday’s post. Remember, I’m donating 10% of my sales to hurricane recovery efforts. Now is a great time to buy something from me or any other artists that are helping. What a great gift idea with the  holidays approaching. 

Please help share this  post and spread the word. 


Tina A. Stoffel

October 2017 Calendar

October 2017 Calendar Download

Here is your complimentary October 2017 Calendar Download. I’ve not painted much in the way of fall scenery yet, but since I like nature so much, it’s a strong possibility that I may paint some in the future. For now,. I hope you enjoy this autumn photo calendar taken at Amicalola Falls. 

October 2017 Calendar
October 2017 Calendar

Click here for your complimentary download

October-2017-Calendar.jpg (5 downloads)

October 2017 Calendar Events

As you will see, I have an exciting month ahead. I’m beyond thankful and excited to have my art included in the following 3 events.

Salzmann Gallery

During the Marietta Square First Friday Art Walk, I will have a couple of small paintings on display at the Salzmann Gallery which doubles as a Chiropractic office. Salzmann Gallery and an amazing art gallery and one of the few galleries you will find featuring many pieces focused around realism and representational art. 

  • Where: Salzmann Gallery
  • Address: 22 Mill Street, Marietta, GA 30060
  • Times 5-9 pm

The Creative Mill

he following week, I will have a 50 square foot display at the Creative Mill Exposition in Roswell. Randall- Paulson Architects kindly hosts this event. 

Sugar Rush Art Show

In case you missed it, my large Pantaleon painting will be in the Sugar Rush juried art exhibition. 

What: Sugar Rush Art Exhibition

When: Saturday, October 21, 2017 

Time: 11am-7pm

Where: 1st floor city Hall Sugar Rush Sugar Hill City Hall 
5039 West Broad St, Buford, GA 30518

This exhibition is part of the Sugar Rush Festival will have loads of activities from rides, food, music, inflatables, dog activities, arts and crafts, etc. See their Facebook page for details: Sugar Rush Festival Facebook Page


About the October 2017 Calendar Photo

As an artist and nature lover, I love to explore and take photos for possible painting references. This is one of my favorite places in Georgia. Amicalola Falls is the tallest waterfall in the southeast, measuring 729 feet. The autumn scenery is breathtaking. You can hike up the trails and stairs, or drive up to the foot of the waterfall and walk a nice padded walkway to the base of the falls. 

Among numerous trails, an 8.5 trail leads to the southern end of the 2,175 mile Appalachian Trail at Springer Mountain. 


I hope you enjoyed this post and your complimentary Calendar download. If so, please give me a like and share. 

Written by,

Tina A Stoffel


7 Tips to Get Your Art Business Rolling

Is your art business busy or are you struggling to get the ball rolling and get your art noticed? Are you still struggling to get your work seen? There are many things you can do and you may be missing some opportunities. Here are the  7 tips  to get your art business rolling and take it to the next level.

  • Read
  • Follow/Subscribe
  • Plan
  • Promote
  • Show
  • Network
  • Communicate

7 tips to get your art business rolling


With three events coming up in one month and two commissions underway, September has been my busiest on record. I can assure you it did not come without working for it. I’m going to let you in on a few secrets that helped me get things moving along. For those of you who are already busy, you’ve obviously done something right. I’ll discuss that topic in another post, but welcome your comments and tips.

What Have I Done to Take My Art Business to the Next Level

It began with research and gathering information from websites to books. This involved art coaches, and experienced professionals. Here are some of the resources (with links) that have helped me.

As Alyson Stanfield will clearly tell you, It takes much more than just making art. Recently I read  about an old addage “If You Build it They Will Come” and how that is not necessarily true anymore. Competition is fierce and you need to get out of your art studio and get in the scene. Only about 50% of my time is spent making art. The other half is marketing, networking, ordering, framing and so much more. 

About the 7 Tips to Get your Art Business Rolling

Reading: Two must have books

Most important of the 7 steps to get your art business rolling are the tips found in these two books I’m recommending. My hands down favorite is Alyson Stanfield, The Art Biz Coach. She is wonderfully impressive and knowledgeable. Alyson’s advice helped me tremendously. You can follower her blog, but I highly recommend her book I’d rather be in the Studio. You can buy it directly from her site, or if you are in a pinch, get a used copy for less at  The material is invaluable and I still refer to this from time to time. 

Art Inc is also extremely valuable. The author Lisa Congdon will take you through art business, promotions, selling, pricing, getting exhibitions and gallery representation, to your artist statement, publications, contracts and more. 

Follow and Subscribe

I know I said limit your social media time, but following and or subscribing to these key art business authorities will benefit you. Often, when I find helpful information that I want to save, I will pin it to Pinterest so I’m sure not to lose it.  You are welcome to check out tips I’ve pinned in Art Marketing and Art Business.  As a matter of fact, I’m always learning and expanding, so these boards are updated from time to time. 

Honestly, I really can’t say enough about the valuable help I’ve received from these wonderful people. I’ve learned valuable information from these key art community leaders. I’d highly recommend subscribing to their blogs and implementing some of their top strategies. 

Proof It Works

Since I have taken time to go to our local art walks, my connections have nearly doubled and I’ve got a foot into a local art gallery. I’m learning about exhibition opportunities I would not have heard of from my studio. That includes internet searches. 


As a free spirit, I can not stand being on a schedule, but it’s highly important. Alyson Stanfield of the Art Biz coach helped me recognize this a most. As a busy mom of two teens, I’m on the go all the time.  You must schedule time for your business to be successful. Your family must honor and respect your studio/office time as well. I put a plan on my studio door and although we have to make exceptions and changes, it’s a general rule. That way I can schedule around school and extracurricular activities. 

7 steps to get your art business rolling
7 tips to get your Art Business Rolling


Promotion is a big challenge on an artists budget. Most of my promotion is on social media, but you do not want to turn people off with a hard sell. By reading tips from the experts I have listed, I’ve gathered helpful information on promotions. 



You must get your art seen period. Another valuable tool I learned from Alyson Stanfield, the Art Biz Coach. Local markets are a good way to start. Enter shows and contests, (excellent opportunites) awards and shows add value and get your work recognized. Check out Light Space and Time above for frequent online contests, but don’t stop there, find local venues as well. Become a member of local artists guilds, alliances, or organizations. Often they have show opportunities.

7 steps to get your art business rolling
7 Steps to get your art business rolling


Beware: I’m not just talking about social networking here. As a matter of fact, that can be a time killer and take you away from other things you need to be doing to become successful. My suggestion is to limit your social media time. For me, I check in in the morning, and usually again in the afternoon or evening. The challenge is to keep my time limited while keeping my art alive. This all comes under the planning action. 

You wanted tips to get your art business rolling? Get out of the studio and go to local art venues.

  • Galleries
  • Art Shows
  • Art Museums
  • Art Alliances

You’ll be glad you did. For instance, I’ve gone to the big shows and galleries. Visiting local galleries during artists talks and Art Walks, have been my favorite. Take a friend if you are new at it. It’s a fun time. Each time you go, you will get more comfortable. When you have the opportunity, chat with others and start establishing relationships. Be careful about ethics. It’s inappropriate to promote yourself to patrons during these events. Meet the owners and continue to show up so they get to know you. I’ve made a really good friend at a local gallery, Markay Gallery,  from doing this. 

Join your local arts alliance, guilds, museums etc. This is a prime networking opportunity and as stated before, you will learn about show opportunities through them as well. 

7 tips for growing your art business



Keep your followers connected. Update your social media regularly, but limit your time. Newsletters and blogs (like this) are very important as well. Again, you will find more elaboration on these topics in the books, sites and blogs I have listed. 

On a final note, you will have to learn to handle rejection. We all get rejected at some point. Whether it be from an art contest, an art gallery, a buyer, a critic, or any of the above. Acceptance and rejection is an ongoing process.  As stated on my recent post,   Handling rejection , my advice is learn from rejection. It helps us improve. 

I hope you find this blog helpful. If you enjoyed this read, please share. 

Please note, I get no commissions or funds for promoting any of the resources mentioned in this post. There are merely shared for knowledge that I have found helpful.

Written by Tina A Stoffel

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Sailing Into Paradise

Art for Disaster Relief

What is Art for Disaster Relief?

Recently I posted about Artists for Texas which was a campaign started to help Hurricane Harvey victims. Obviously, at that time I had no idea Florida was about to take such a huge hit from Hurricane Irma. Therefore I am changing the plan to Art for Disaster Relief to encompass all affected victims. My personal plan is to make general disaster relief donations to both the American Red Cross and the ASPCA. 


Art For Disaster Relief
Art For Disaster Relief

Tweaking the Initial Plan

My initial campaign was through the end of September, but due to the recent tragedy of two hurricanes and the fires in the West, I’m extending my donations (10% of my sales from my original paintings.) through the end of October.  I’m encouraging fellow artists to join me in this campaign.

My Ties to Florida

If you have been following me, especially on social media, you probably figured out that I have strong connections to Southwest Florida which was hit the hardest. As a matter of fact, I spent 13 years there and we decided to move partially due to hurricane Charley and my husbands work. 


Sailing Into Paradise
Sailing Into Paradise

This painting, titled Sailing Into Paradise, depicts a beautiful sunset from Ft. Myers Beach where I once worked for many years. As a matter of fact I want to extend a special thank you to Lani Kai who provided this wonderful reference photo. This painting is available for sale and will be set in a floater frame soon. Remember 10% of proceeds will go to disaster relief. 

Also, I will donate 10% of my profits of my online print on demand sales through the end of October as well. You may find them here:*

Meanwhile, if you are looking to make personal donations, I’ve compiled a list of the best charity organizations according to research. You can find the list on my recent posts Artists For Texas. 

If you enjoyed this post and are wanting to help, you can do so by spreading the word and/or purchasing a painting. So please feel free to share. 

Amicalola Falls View from top

Fall September Calendar Download

Here is a complimentary Fall September Calendar Download for your enjoyment. The photo on the calendar was from a Fall trip to Amicalola Falls in Georgia. It’s a breathtaking view in the fall. One of these days I will take a break from wildlife and beaches to one of these beautiful fall scenes. I was thinking sometime soon, but I am happy to have a full schedule of commissions for now. 

Fall September Calendar Download
Fall September Calendar Download

Download Here:  September-2017-Calendar-1.png (23 downloads)


My Favorite Fall Places to Visit

Do you have favorite places to visit in the fall? I loved visiting Brown County State park while living in Indiana, and still miss the beautiful color of the Sugar Maples. It took about 13 years to miss seeing the fall colors during the 13 yrs I lived in Florida which is about how long it took me to miss it.  One thing for sure is I still don’t miss the cold winter though and Georgia is mild enough to tolerate on most days. 

Favorite Fall Photos

As an artist I love color which you can see in my paintings. When Autumn arrives, I can’t help but head out with my camera to see what shots I can capture. Although the trees haven’t turned yet here in the South, here are some photos from previous years. 

Autumn View of Amicalola Falls
Autumn at Amicalola Falls by Tina A Stoffel
Blue Ridge Mountains Fall Evening View by Tina A Stoffel
Blue Ridge Mountains Fall Evening View by Tina A Stoffel

Since there aren’t many Sugar Maples in the area, I find Georgia isn’t as colorful as the north or midwest, therefore, some of the photos were edited to bring out some color. However, I have found plenty of gorgeous golds and more subtle reds and oranges. 

Where to Find Beautiful Fall Photos

By the way, the photo featured on this Fall September Calendar Download is also available as a standard, canvas or framed print on my Society 6 site which handles some of my prints.

Hope you have enjoyed this post. If so, please feel free to share and remember the Artist for Texas challenge for September. 

Written by Tina A Stoffel

How To Photograph Your Art


How To Photograph Art Successfully


[Download not found] Photographing-Art.doc (1 download)

Many of you have asked me how to photograph your art for good quality presentation and prints. After many hours of research and a few years of experience under my belt, I’m sharing what some of the experts have recommended and what works for me. When you look at my images, you can zoom in and see very crisp detail such as my Boca Birds painting. Take a look and click the magnifying glass. See the detail? With proper care, you shouldn’t have to worry about posting a detailed images that will be stolen. See my post here for information on copyright concerns pertaining to protecting your art

If you are photographing your work for the web, reproductions,  or your website this tutorial will help your presentation look much better.

How To Photograph Your Art
How To Photograph Your Art Successfully


 6 Important Key Factors 

  1. Camera Knowledge-Highly Important (Not hard. I will explain)
  2. A Good DSLR (Digital Single Lens Release) camera works best if making prints, but a high quality cell phone will get you close
  3.  Lighting/Indirect Outdoor lighting is always best
  4. Set Up
  5. Appropriate editing/post processing software for your computer/phone
  6. A Tripod

NOTE: Before I explain each step above, the most important factor in taking good photographs is to understand your camera and how it works.


I can’t stress enough how much better your photographs will be if you learn manual mode. While this may scare many of you (Don’t worry; it did me too at first) it is the best option to get crisp photos with correct color.

How To Photograph your Art Tip: Check your phone for manual or pro mode.

Most of today’s quality cell phones such as I phone and Samsung now have this option. My Samsung Galaxy offers Pro Mode which works so well I was able to capture some stars during the recent solar eclipse. After reading this tutorial check the settings and/or mode button for pro mode.

Solar Eclipse 2017
Solar Eclipse 2017 captured stars


Look for RAW FORMAT in your camera’s menu settings.

My Samsung Galaxy actually has this option. This option is only available in manual mode, not auto. Why am I telling you this?


You will get much more control over your photos shooting in RAW and Manual mode.

How To Photograph Your Art Successfullyu
How To Photograph Your Art Successfully Settings


Let me repeat that. If you want to learn how to photograph your artwork successfully, You will get much more control over your photos shooting in RAW and Manual Mode. Have you ever attempted to edit JPEG or JPG photo and had it result in diminished fuzzy or pixelated quality? Here is why…

JPG or JPEG only reads about 70% of the full pixels. On the other hand, RAW FORMAT  will save 100% of your pixels for editing. Note, depending on your camera, the file extension will be different. Here is a common list on Quora.


How To Photograph your Art Tips

  1. Most new phones such as the Samsung Galaxy and I phone have an option to photograph RAW images. Click here for how to set images to RAW on Samsung.   Alternatively, Click here for how to set images to RAW on iPhone. 

  2. You will need a program that reads RAW Images. Standard computer programs will not read them. It’s easy to do an internet search to locate one, but I have already done the work for you.

Android photos can be edited directly in the Snapseed App or the photographer’s favorite Lightroom which is a free download. 

I phone photos can also be edited in Lightroom which I believe is also a free download. 

If you have a DSLR camera that shoots RAW, the camera software should read it. More in the Post Processing section.

Please note that RAW format will need to be edited in a program that can handle it then you will export to a JPG or PNG for uploading to the internet or sending via e-mail. 

There are multiple factors involved in getting a good photo. It’s not difficult, just a few operations to get yourself familiar with.



How To Photograph Your Art Successfully
How To Photograph Your Art Successfully DSLR Camera

Before I explain each step above, probably the most important factor is to understand your camera and how it works.


The 4 main photography components to adjust for proper exposure resulting in good photographs

Get to know these. Print this list to use each time.

  1. Shutter Speed appears in increments such as 1/25, 1/250, 1/500, etc.  Shutter speed is measured in seconds. 1/500 is 1/500th second. Equate this to the blink of an eye. The lower the shutter speed would be a slower blink. Letting in less light and resulting in more blur. Try to aim for a shutter speed of around 1/125 or higher.
  2. Aperture (also referred to as F-stop) This is found on DSLR Camera. The lower the F-stop, the more light, caution but potential for blur if it sees any foreground objects first. Common increments are f1.4, f2, f 3.5, f5.6 and up to f22 ( I believe, but never went that high) More about this on the next page
  3. ISO measures a camera’s sensitivity to light. The lower the ISO is used in brighter situations and  will show less grain. However, the higher ISO will increase light in your photo. I recommend not going over 200 ISO if you are going to do prints. If you are just photographing for your website 400 should work. Higher than that will most likely be grainy.
  4. White Balance – Sets color for current lighting conditions. You know the setting for full sun, cloudy, shade, etc? Some argue this is not as important because it can be adjusted in post processing. While that is true, I personally find it easier to match it to my work while photographing because I’m very picky about accurate color representation.

Tips: If your photo is too dark try decreasing your shutter speed a bit to get more light. If your shutter speed is too low causing blurred images, increase your ISO to allow more light into your camera.

*Note, professional camera should have a custom white balance setting. This may give you better results, but the process varies from camera to camera. You can do an internet search on how to set the white balance for your specific camera. You will likely need a gray card. I found mine on Amazon and it’s not much of a cost.

How to photograph your art successfully includes proper set up

  1. Invest in a tripod. You can find them reasonably at retailer such as Walmart, Target or Amazon. I prefer this ball and joint tripod I purchased from Amazon which holds the weight of my DSLR. You can also find a cell phone tripod attachment at Amazon.

Why? Tripod’s hold the camera still. Your body is in constant motion not matter how still you hold your hand, so you will get your best shot from a tripod.

2. Distance– If you get too close to  your subject, your image will blur. I find that for most of my photos, I need to stand back 3-4  feet. 

3. Positioning Artwork-Hang your work as straight as possible. Aim for 90 degrees from floor. You can purchase a display gridwall panel for this purpose, or try to adjust your easel. 

Prepare To Take Your Photo

As you can see from the above steps, you will need to find a proper balance between your aperture, shutter speed, and ISO. Remember to set your white balance for good color and your focus lock.

 In learning how to photograph your art, Set your proper exposure by doing the following

  • Choose the correct ISO, usually 200
  • Set your aperture if option is available. Some such as my Sony sets with my focus. Aim for 3.5
  • Correct Shutter Speed 250 minimal 500 and up best
  • Correct White Balance-You will see this affect the color of your photograph drastically. Try cloudy or look up how to custom white balance. It’s very simple. 

2. FOCUSING (Very, very important)

When it comes to how to photograph your art, Your focus is important. A DSLR will have multiple focusing options such as center, spot, area, zone and wide. I prefer to use Zone or wide focus because the entire image will be in focus. In my experience if you use spot focus, it may cause the outside areas to be blurry.

*****Important. Use your focus lock. If you just depress the shutter button to take your photo, you will most likely get a blurred photograph.

Your camera needs a moment to focus. Most if not all cameras have the option to depress the shutter button ½ way to focus. Depending on your camera settings, you should hear a beep and/or see an indicator light. This lets you know your image is in focus. At this point, continue to depress the shutter button to finish taking your photograph. Do not release and depress again. If so, you will need to focus lock your subject again.

Yes you can do most of this with  your phone. Just look at the pro mode. The only option my Samsung doesn’t have is the aperture, commonly referred to as f-stop. Just go to pro mode and play around. 

If you follow the above, you should get a fantastic shot. 

Let me elaborate a bit on the above. Think of your camera lens as an eye which works similar to a camera lens.

1. How fast your eye blinks would be the shutter speed. If your eye stays closed longer, it doesn’t see all the movements in actions shots. It’s the same with your shutter speed. So a low, slow shutter speed will blur action shots. I even find it will sometimes blur my still shots probably due to a little camera vibration. I try for a shutter speed of 500

2. The amount of light affects your size of your pupil which is similar to your cameras aperture. The wider open the lens on your camera, referred to as f-stop, determines how much light is let in your camera, the smaller larger number on the aperture, the smaller the lens opening letting in less light.

In a DSLR window, a number such as 1.8 (very expensive lens) 2.5, 3.5, and so on will appear to let you know what your aperture (f-stop is). Some cameras allow you to set it such as my Canon, but my Sony Crop sensor determines it automatically. The lower the number the wider the lens, such as a large pupil in the dark,  the more light your camera captures. However, that can cause some blurring. I aim for 2.8 to 3.5 with a shutter speed of 500 or more. 

How To Photograph Your Art Successfully
How To Photograph Your Art Successfully Eye Pupil
How To Photograph Your Art Successfully
How To Photograph Your Art Successfully Small Pupil


DSLR Camera’s will have an exposure indicator which is set of vertical lines. When the indicator is in the middle, it is telling you you have exposure set properly. Exposure  is your shutter speed, combined with your white balance, and correct aperture. 


Post Processing

Most likely you will have to post process your photo even if it’s just to crop your image. I always have to crop my photos because as I stated, getting to close will blur them.

Find a program that will crop your RAW image. Do not do this in JPEG for prints or good presentation. Crop in RAW and you can export to a Tiff file (rather large file) for further editing. Again. you will need a program to do this  unless you do it all with the RAW image. You may want to purchase Adobe Photoshop or like me use the free slightly different version of GIMP which does have a learning curve, but I couldn’t live with out it. In GIMP, once you’ve edited your image, click export, you can then choose the size of the file. 

Before I end this tutorial. I want to let you know that I learned a lot from this small paperback book. I read a bit each night. The book is titled: Understanding Exposure by Bryan Peterson

Additionally, you can find more helpful resources on How To Photograph Your Artwork on these following sites:

Light Space and Time: How to Photograph Your Artwork the Right Way

University of Colorado Department of Art and History


I do hope this helps you in photographing your art for good presentations and reproductions.

Pleas note,  I do not get any royalties, commissions, or other form of payment for mentioning any of the products in the article. They are listed only to assist you.


Artist For Texas

Artists For Texas

In all my days, I never thought I’d see anything remotely close to the devastation I saw during Hurricane Katrina. Yet, here we are seeing massive destruction and devastation in Texas caused by Hurricane Harvey plus I’m seeing many other states Flooding. Therefore, I’m calling on all my artist friends to unite and help through Artists For Texas.


Artists For Texas
Artists For Texas


Artists For Texas Plan

Artists For Texas is an initiative and challenge to all artist (fine art, performing arts, musicians, art galleries) to join me in uniting to help Texas by making a one time donation or donating a percentage of your sales or earnings  to The Red Cross and/or another reliable charitable foundation during. Let’s see how much we can raise to help Hurricane Harvey victims through the end of September.  Please comment if you are participating. I will publish all those that have participated in October.

 Please use our motto Artists For Texas if applicable when donating to your charity of choice.

[Download not found]


Artists are responsible for their donations and choosing a charity. You may find a list of Charities and their ratings below:

Charity Watch 

Charity Navigator


Houston ASPCA


My pledge is to donate 10% of all original painting sales  and 20% of my print on demand profits (links to my print on demand stores) to a Hurricane Harvey charity through the end of September.  I will donate 5% of sales to the ASPCA, and 5% to the best charity I can find for the victims affected by the hurricane which will likely be the Red Cross. I do have family directly affected by this disaster, so I will be waiting to hear from them. 

Please join me in spreading the word Artist For Texas and share this post. 

Written by Tina A Stoffel


Prayers for Texas

Prayers For Texas

This blog is mostly about my art, but I feel I must take a moment express my prayers for Texas.

Prayers for Texas
Prayers for Texas from Tina A Stoffel Arts

Although I have not had the opportunity to visit Texas, several personal and very special friends and family among my artist friends reside in the area. So far, I’m hearing, they are all safe. 

After residing in Florida for 13 years, I can relate to how scary these hurricanes can be. Of course, the first several years I lived there, the news always made the storms looks so bad, but it was nothing more to me than a bad storm in the Midwest. However, while I was 9 months pregnant with my youngest son, and living just one mile from the beach, Hurricane Charley took a turn towards us. It was the first time I had been scared of a hurricane. I distinctly recall our hurricane shutters rattling and the wind howling.

My Mother had called and told me I needed to evacuate. Upon opening the front door, trees were blowing sideways and it was obvious I couldn’t go anywhere. Due to being scared, I started to have contractions. Well that made it worse. Thankfully my calm level

headed husband and Mother in-law calmed me down.

After Hurricane Charley passed, I’ll never forget seeing those huge light poles along the highway snapped in half like toothpicks. Although I was living further south at the time, Charley also took down our favorite venue to hear music on the beach (Painting of the same beach below) . We were fine except our electricity was out for about a week. If you have ever been in South Florida in the late summer, you know how miserably humid it is. I will never forget having to go clean out the fridge at 9 months pregnant (hot enough with that baby in the belly) and no air conditioning. Oh how spoiled we are these days. 

Sailing Into Paradise
Sailing Into Paradise Ft. Myers Beach Oil Painting

Our little almost hurricane baby arrived a couple of weeks later. As a matter of fact, right in the midst this Texas hurricane Harvey, my baby boy turned 13 years old. I’m glad I asked my husband to snap a photo that I created this sketch from. One day I may paint it. 

Little boy with Mommy
Little boy with Mommy

This sketch still needs work. I’ve not done much with it other than getting in the basic lines. I will at least sketch it nicely someday or maybe finish in Charcoals. I couldn’t help but share it since it relates to the story.  This does of course fit with my recent Mother and baby animal paintings, don’t you think? 

About a year later hurricane Katrina hit Louisiana.  I distinctly recall the news interviewing people who were going to ride the storm out. They were brushing it off as I had done so many times. After seeing the devastating TV images, I don’t think I will ever forget them. From time to time, I wonder about those people I’d seen on the news who decided to stay and if they survived. Having that experience and witnessing Hurricane Katrina, I thoroughly want to express my prayers for Texas. They are saying Hurricane Harvey now Tropical Storm Harvey may be the worst flooding in US history.  Please wherever you may be, have a safety plan and heed word of cation and evacuation recommendations. 

Wishing you all a safe week. If you enjoyed reading, Please feel free to share this post. 

Written by,

Tina A Stoffel

Vector credit:

Clip art credit: 

Additional art created by me

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Handling Rejection

Dealing With and Handling Rejection

Rejection! We all have to deal with it at some point or another, right? Oh yeah, and it can happen more than once. Handling Rejection can be rather difficult for some, completely blowing confidence, but please do not let that happen. Here is why.


My Experience With Rejection

Let me share a little story with you. Yesterday, I had an art gallery interview with a gallery I had recently taken an interest in after visiting.  The reason I really liked this particular gallery because they have more contemporary realism which is my style and a good fit for me. While, I’m pretty confident in my work, I did realize that it was possible they may take all of my work or nothing. However, I was surprised that they only took one small piece. Now here is where it gets good.

Handling Rejection
Handling Rejection

Yes, I was surprised they only took one piece, but…..they took a piece of my art. It’s a small piece and that was a foot in the door for me. They haven’t worked with me before, so this gives them a chance to get to know me and me to get to know them. The gallery was very kind and professional. They also gave me some tips on art that sells.

What is my take on this experience?

  • I landed a piece in a gallery
  • I now  have a foot in the door
  • I obtained very useful advice
  • I can now improve my work
  • I can now build my relationship with the gallery

Next I had to come home and break the news to my amazing supportive family. I maintained my optimistic attitude and told them I was okay with the decision and happy I had this opportunity.

As I’m licking my wounds. I venture back into my art studio to file papers and touch base with a couple of potential opportunities that some friend had inquired of me.

Earl G Graves Quote Handling Rejection
Earl G. Graves on Rejection

Unbelievable What Happened Next

I suddenly get two messages, simultaneously, about two of my paintings. One is now pending and before I close that conversation, I get a message about another lead. All that on top of a potential sale that happened before my interview today. So yes, I believe that there is an order to things in life and their outcome.

What Can You Learn From This?

  • Be prepared for any outcome
  • Remain Professional
  • Be thankful to the person who took time out of their day for you
  • See what you can learn from this experience
  • Do not give up. It’s not the end of the road
  • Be open minded to constructive criticism. There is no need to get offended. Find how it will help you.

You can find some interesting quotes on rejection from Tony Robbins to Cluade Monet here:

I truly hope you found this post enlightening and helpful. If you enjoyed reading it, please share.

Written By,

Tina A Stoffel

Fine Artist

New Wildlife Paintings

New Wildlife Paintings

Lately I’ve been working on some new wildlife paintings. I’d like to introduce you to my two latest ones.

This Brand new painting of an Elephant Mother and her calf is now complete. It measures 16 by 20 inches, and I think I may have a perfect frame on hand for it.

Picking a Name

What do you think of naming it Elephant Day since it was just completed the day after World Elephant Day? I think I like the ring that one has. Usually I struggle a bit with naming my pieces. and think the new Tiger painting will be a challenge, so please feel free to comment on names. 

 Also, I want to give a big thank you to the photographer Marna Buys for providing an  excellent reference photo. 

Elephant Day
New Elephant Painting

Adding a Tiger To My New Wildlife Paintings

Well here you have it? I’ve been asked several time to paint a tiger, so I took note and now have this in the works. I must admit, I was determined to get all the black laid down last night before bedtime, but my eyes got sleepy towards the end. I want to thank Chris Allesbrook for this wonderful reference photo.


Tiger Painting Work In progress
Tiger Painting Work in Progress

Here is my current Work In Progress (WIP). This Tiger painting is also 16 x 20 inches.

Help Me Name This New Wildlife Painting of a Tiger

Do you have any name suggestions for this one? If so, please leave in the comments.

Although I would love to have this new Tiger painting completed by next week, but I’m not sure if that will happen due to a super busy but exciting schedule. This will be the standard orange tiger and I thought the green background would be a nice contrasting color.

Sine Brave, the lion painting has sold, these two new animal paintings make a total of 12 paintings in my wildlife series. 

And for a little fun twist, I’ve digitally manipulated some of these works for online prints. The effects I get from doing these manipulations are really fun. See for yourself in my Society6 Store Pleas note new works are in the process of being added. 

There may be some exciting news happening soon, so stay tuned. 

If you enjoyed this post. Please share it with your followers and friends. 

Have a great day. 

Tina A Stoffel

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Honoring World Elephant Day 

So close to finishing this new Elephant painting honoring World Elephant Day. Do you have any name suggestions? I’m open and would love to hear your ideas. If you look closely, it appears that this Mother and baby had just come out of the water as some wet areas on the side, legs and trunk can be seen. However, I’m still working on that part and not sure how well it will turn out given the method and colors I chose. 


Normally I paint primarily with brushes, but hey, I’m an artist and I have to change things up once in a while, right? This elephant painting is being created primarily with a painting knife which is giving it an interesting texture. Also, instead of a heavily colored background like I used in the Thembi Elephant Painting, I chose a lighter one, just to shake it up a bit. 

Painting with a knife was fun. Challenges I had:

  1. Controlling smaller areas with a knife
  2. Having enough paint on my palette (knife painting requires much more)
  3. Getting the wet areas on the animals to look wet and not odd

A shout out to Marna Buys for the incredible reference photo. After this is complete, I’ll be painting a few more animals, and then back to seascapes and might even throw in some flowers.

Keeping this post short because, honestly, I’m exhausted right now. Today was super busy, but in a good way.

World Lion Day was yesterday and I had just sold my Brave lion painting. I’m so excited for the new owner to receive it.

Brave Lioin Painting
Brave Lion Painting

For now, I only have my large Pantaleon lion painting left, so I will be adding a smaller one again at some point. 

Wishing  you a wonderful happy weekend and Happy Elephant Day!


Tina Stoffel

If you enjoyed this post or the art, please share.