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Art Fair Packing List

Memorial Day weekend was my most recent art show at the Marietta Artisan Market. This time last year, I was planning, researching and networking with many artists. As a matter of fact, I’ve created a Pinterest board all about tips just for art shows and fairs. You can see it here:


Tina A Stoffel Paintings
Tina A Stoffel Art Display

Plan Ahead

Planning ahead has always proven beneficial for me. In this case, I’m so glad I did because it sure saved me from a lot of mistakes and headaches.


During my research, I had several recommendations and even found some lists which I modified for my outdoor art show. For your convenience I’ve put it together in a handy PDF file. You may download it here if you wish. OUTDOOR-ART-FAIR-PACKING-LIST-Sheet1.pdf (3 downloads)


SET UP copyright Tina A Stoffel
Set up instructions
Display walls Mesh panels/gridwall WORK SUPPLIES
Tent weights important Easel
Rain wall protection Paint
Bungee Cord or Rope Brushes
Print rack Painting knife
Table Solvent
Table Cover Bag
Carpet Optional adds nice touch Towels
Hammer/ mallet Canvas
 Rain Panels
Art hangers Drapery hooks work well  
Hand Truck/cart
Tag Hangers Safety pins work great on mesh
Packing Tape
Box Cutter
Paper Towels
Touch up paint Oil sticks/Acrylic Pens
Business Cards
Business Card Holder
Price Tags  Try plain business cards
Guest Book
Commission Agreement
Sales Receipts/receipt book
Inventory list
Credit Card Swipe
Cell phone
Bags for purchases
Glass cleaner for frames


Benefits of Showing Your Work

If you are new to the art business, or haven’t shown your art, I highly recommend it. If you are observant, you will find several benefits from your show.

  1. Meeting Prospective Customers
  2. Familiarizing People With Your Work
  3. Learning to Talk About Your Art
  4. Feedback on Pieces People like (verbal and nonverbal)
  5. Playing with Doggies

Ok, I threw that last one in, but I do love animals and enjoy all my fury visitors such as these sweet dogs.

Art Perks

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Tina Stoffel


Free Artistic May Calendar

Enjoy This Free Artistic May Calendar On Me

Here is your  free artistic May calendar download featuring an image of my Boca Birds oil painting inspired by the gorgeous serene scenery at Boca Grand Florida. Click on the image below to see the full oil painting. This image was cropped to fit this calendar.

Free Artistic May Calendar 2017
Boca Birds May Calendar 2017


  • Next Show Date: Saturday, May 27, 2017. It is marked on the calendar for your convenience. Get your download here:  Free May-Calendar.jpg (12 downloads)
  • New Paintings: Currently I am working on some new paintings in my art studio for the upcoming May show. Keep your eye out because I plan to have something a little special ready for Mother’s Day.

Happening Elsewhere

If you follow me on Facebook or other social media, you may have noticed I love music, especially old school music. When I’m not painting, you can pretty much bet I’m involved doing something with my kids.  One of  their many activities  is music. They actually play in a rock band class at Ponier Music; a local music store.  As a matter of fact, the owner commissioned a special painting from me for his drum studio. As you can see below, I had a blast painting this piece.

Drum Percussion Painting
And the Beat Grows On

By the way, my kid’s band had their best performance ever this past weekend.  Between the two of them, I have a drummer that is 12, and a 14 yr old guitarist. If you would like to see how they play, you may go to my Youtube channel here: Tina A Stoffel .


For your convenience, those of you who are artists looking for tips,  I’ve saved and organized many helpful tutorials. You can see them on my Youtube art channel here: Tina A Stoffel Arts, or check out many of the tutorials and tips I’ve collected on Pinterest: Tina A Stoffel Arts

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Written By Tina A Stoffel


Marietta Local Artists Tina A Stoffel and Laurie Henry


My Marietta Artists Market Show Experience

Showing my paintings again after a long winter break  from the  Marietta Artists Market show was a fun and exciting experience, especially since my talented colleague Laurie Henry  accepted my offer to share my booth space.  Above all,  Laurie and I somehow seem to inspire each other. Consequently, we worked very well together and had quite a fun day.  On a special note, event organizers behind the scenes did  an exceptional job running this show.

Highlights From My April Marietta Artists Market Show Experience

  • Fun and  Laughs
  • Meeting new people
  • Dogs, Doggies and puppies. (Did  I mention the puppies?)
  • The Marietta Square Service
  • Sharing my art with the public

Many patrons including collectors, local business owners, students, aspiring artists and children visited us.  Watching viewers admire and complement our original paintings is rewarding.  On a special note, I want to thank each and every one of you for your support.  As a result, I thoroughly enjoyed the interesting conversations and laughs we shared with people. Notable visitors I recall were from Wisconsin, Smyrna, and an interesting native of Kenya. Additionally, some locals gave us a few great laughs.

Although the sunlight didn’t do much justice for my Pantaleon Lion Painting, as seen in the back, here is a full booth view.

Local Artists Tina A Stoffel and Laurie Henry at the Marietta Artists Market Show
Marietta Local Artists Tina A Stoffel and Laurie Henry full booth view

By nature, I am an animal lover. One of my favorite experiences from the Artists Market are all the doggies stopping by my art booth. Seeing the Golden Retriever puppy and Great Dane meeting each other is etched in my mind. To clarify, the Great Dane was amazingly gentle with the sweet puppy. I admit I was a bit frustrated with myself for forgetting water and treats for the fur babies. As you can imagine, I get preoccupied gathering all the needed supplies while packing for the show then I forgot to bring surprises for the doggies.  Rest assured, I’m adding that to my list now.

Our Gallery Visitor

Being around this creative environment inspires me. More notably, I love hearing live feedback and seeing reactions regarding my paintings which helps me grow as an artist.

As a matter of fact, I want to give a special thanks to Amber Markay Byrd from the new Markay Gallery  who took time out of her busy day to visit and peek at our work.  In addition, she was also kind enough to speak to us after the show. Markay Gallery, located on Winters  Street at the Marietta Square, is situated near the Cobb Museum of Art. Amber has a great vision and unique concept. Even more exciting is the fact that Markay Gallery offers to host special events. I highly recommend you stop in her unique store where almost everything, including guest book pen,  is handmade.  Thanks Amber for supporting local arts.


Also, a big shout out and thank you to The Marietta Local for delivering lunch to us because I ended up so busy preparing I would have went hungry all day.

My Next Showing

Due to prom, this weekend was extra busy for many local residents. By the way, I loved seeing all the prom photos on Facebook.  On that note, if you missed this weekend’s show, I will be back at the Marietta Artists Market Show again one more time before the summer heat hits us. You can find me there again on May 27, 2017.  Although it’s not a firm plan yet, I may do a couple of Art Walks after May. Keep watching for news.

If you liked last month’s free calendar download, please let me know in the comments. I’ll likely put together another one for May’s Marietta Artists Market show where I plan to have at least another new painting or two.

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written by Tina A Stoffel

Tina A Stoffel Upcoming Marietta Art Shows

Tina A Stoffel Upcoming Marietta Art Shows Do what you love
Choose a Job You love

Fast Approaching Show

What: Tina A Stoffel Upcoming Marietta Art Shows at the Marietta Artists Market Free Admission

When: Mark your calendar for next Saturday, April 22 and come see my newest paintings.

Where: Mill Street at the Marietta Square

Times: 9am to 2pm.

Also, I’ve invited a fellow artist Laurie Henry to come show with me. She is very talented and also has some wonderful work. According to Accuweather, the forecast is a beautiful 83 degrees.

See the link for maps and free parking information.

or download the parking map here:  marietta-square-parking.jpg (5 downloads)


Preparing for the upcoming show!

Tina A Stoffel Upcoming Marietta Ar Shows Preparing paintings for art shows
Preparing Paintings for the Marietta Artists Market


Here is a peek at just a little peek of what happens in my studio prior to the show.

As you can see, I’m finishing two paintings. If all goes as planned, I’ll have them ready just in time for next week’s show.




Tina A Stoffel Upcoming Marietta Art Shows

For Calendar year 2017


Tina A Stoffel Upcoming Marietta Art Show Dates
Tina A Stoffel 2017 Art Show Dates

Currently, I’m planning 3 more shows in the Marietta Artists Market, and may add an Art Walk or two, so keep an eye on my blog and lookout for updates in my newsletter.



I’ll be introducing some wildlife paintings again soon. If you’ve been watching for a while, you know I have a true passion for nature, especially the beach and animals. There is something in my soul that wants to paint as many as I can. I may introduce a dolphin painting first. It’s perfectly fitting for my love of both the ocean and animals.

Below is a recent photo I was lucky to capture during a recent trip to Clearwater, Florida. I have one good one of the Mom and baby, but might wait until Mother’s Day to post it. It is possible I will paint the Mom and dolphin calf which was an estimated 2 weeks old. Thanks to Encounters With Dolphins for the excellent excursion.

Mommy Dolphin
Mommy Dolphin

Lastly, my own newsletters are ending up in my spam folder. If you are also a newsletter subscriber, please check your spam folder and add my address to your contacts so you will get my e-mails. I’m looking to change things up to avoid this, but have to do some leg work first. Meanwhile, I’ll duplicate important updates on this blog.

Meanwhile, please keep an eye on my newsletter and blog for any  updates or changes on Tina A Stoffel Upcoming Marietta Art Shows. 

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Thank you for reading and happy spring.


Free Downloadable April 2017 Calendar

Free Downloadable April 2017 Calendar of News and Events

Can you believe it’s nearly April? Mark your calendars or better yet, here is a free downloadable April 2017 calendar below with my show dates included along with an image of my Sunset Sandpipers Painting. See my website for more information on this painting. I don’t know about you, but I love spring for the fresh blooms, warm air and sunshine. It’s a perfect time for an art show and my next show is with another local artist named Laurie Henry who also has some beautiful work.   There will also be a Farmers Market from 9-12 . I hope you can make it out to see us. We would be delighted.

On April 22nd, from 9am – 2pm,  we will be at the Marietta Artisan Market at the historic Marietta Square in Marietta, Georgia. Click on the highlighted link for directions and information.

Note: This calendar is free for personal use.  Here is the calendar. Just click on the link below to download. This piece is under copyright, so you are free to use, but not distribute for profit or any other format. Enjoy!
Sunset Sandpipers Painting Calendar
Free April 2017 Sunset Sandpipers Art Calendar

April-2017-Calendar-Sunset-Pipers-Tina-A-Stoffel-1.jpg (57 downloads) Click on this link to download.

This upcoming show is one of 4 planned art shows. My plan is to add more calendars for my May, October and November shows.

If you’ve been following this blog or my Facebook page, you will see I’ve been working on some smaller paintings that will have a smaller price tag as well. If you have a request for a specific size or subject, feel free to contact me anytime. Just click the contact tab at the top of this website.

I’d love to hear your thoughts about this calendar and the free download. Feel free to leave feedback. If you enjoyed this post. Please share it.

Written by Tina A Stoffel

Small Painting Process With Pictures

Two paintings and a breakdown of the small painting process.

Recently new client who saw a commission I did of this  oil painting of woman on the beach with her dog contacted me.

Dog on the Beach Painting
Sue And Buddy

This client wanted to surprise her husband with a painting of her as a young woman in a yellow dress when they first met.

Due to special memories, she wanted a scene recreated of herself at the fence watching him pitching softball, but on a small canvas due to small space. It quickly became apparent that we could not paint both full figures on the small size of 8 1/2 x 11. It was just too small to capture the detail.

Since her husband still brings up conversations of her in the yellow dress (I think he fell in love with her then) we decided to just put her image on a larger 11 x 14 canvas. It was still tricky capturing the detail of these small faces on this size, but she was very understanding.

Although this is not my usual style. I fell in love with their love story and knew I just had to do this painting for these special clients. Here  is the initial sketch of the original concept. It was on a large-scale paper to capture details enough to get a good representation of them. However, due to size constraints, we changed the concept.

Softball Pitcher Spectator Sketch
Preliminary sketch of a softball pitcher and spectator

Here is a glimpse at this small painting process. You can see the tiny details that were challenging. I’m just thankful for magnifying glasses.


Here is a short video clip of the whole oil painting coming together.

Alas, I think he was happy. I want to thank my special customer for asking me to create this special painting gift for the two of them.

Written by Tina A Stoffel

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Wall Art Decor With Room View


Wildlife and Animal Wall Art  Decor

Below I’m giving you some contemporary interior decorating ideas for some original paintings.

Wall Art Decor
Quagga-Zebra Painting


Pictured above

Quagga – 24 x 30 Zebra painting original oil on canvas shown as wall art decor. Click image for more info.

While currently, I’m working on a seascape paintings to include in my seascape series, I’ve designed some room views showcasing artistic creations of original paintings in room mock ups of some of my wildlife paintings animal paintings below.   Several new paintings have been uploaded to my website. You will find my art for sale on this website and the four Marietta art shows at the Marietta Artisan Market are scheduled this year. Two this Spring and two this Fall. Additionally, I may be participating in some first Friday Art Walks too. So stay tuned. I’m toying with the idea of sending a calendar with my dates, but can not decide on the images yet.



Thembi Elephant Painting

Pictured above

Thembi – Elephant 24 x 30 original elephant oil painting shown as wall art decor. Click image for more info.


Pantaleon Lion Painting

Pictured Above Pantaleon-an original 36 x 48 inch lion oil painting shown as wall art decor. This is one of my two current lion paintings. More are planned in the future. Click on image for more information.


Original Oil on Canvas
The Rising Soul Giraffe Painting

Pictured above

The Rising Soul – 24 x 30 https://pinterest.comClick on image for more info

Hopefully this gave you some good ideas for how these paintings or similar artworks may look as an interior decoration. As always, you may subscribe to my newsletter and follow me on Facebook for the best updates. Click the highlighted links to follow/subscribe. Please add me to your address book if you are subscribing to my newsletter, otherwise, it is going to spam folders. This is something that I’m working to fix.

UP NEXT: I’m working on a post about photographing your art. Be sure to subscribe, and watch. You won’t want to miss this one.

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*Clip art credit Open clip art

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Tina A Stoffel





From Blogger to WordPress

Before I had this website up and running, I was using blogger. However, I think it would be more beneficial to have it all streamlined to this website. Therefore, I’m running this post as a test and welcome feedback.

Meanwhile, I have uploaded one of my newer paintings, titled “Old Indian Woman”. If you missed the scoop on this one, it’s an interesting story.

Indian Woman Painting
Old Indian Woman

Old Indian Woman is actually a new rendition of an old painting that has been in my family since I can remember.  It was completed  by a distant late cousin named Denny Luckett. I’ve always admired this painting since I was a young child and I always saw it as a sailboat.

Since it was handed down to me, it was explained it was an old Indian woman. For some reason, I think the sailboat is more prevalent in his version than mine. What do you think?  Here is the original.  may even do another version in different colors some day.



Written by Tina A Stoffel



Now that the first part of my wildlife series is complete, I will be working on some seascapes and beach scenes.

Big News

I will be in a show at the Marietta Square Artist Market this Fall. Dates to be determined, but it will likely be the second Saturday in September.  Get news about my latest paintings and shows by subscribing to to my newsletter, found at the bottom of this page,  Psst: I dislike spam very much. Your personal information will not be shared, sold or published by me.