Wall Art Decor With Room View


Wildlife and Animal Wall Art  Decor

Below I’m giving you some contemporary interior decorating ideas for some original paintings.

Wall Art Decor
Quagga-Zebra Painting


Pictured above

Quagga – 24 x 30 Zebra painting original oil on canvas shown as wall art decor. Click image for more info.

While currently, I’m working on a seascape paintings to include in my seascape series, I’ve designed some room views showcasing artistic creations of original paintings in room mock ups of some of my wildlife paintings animal paintings below.   Several new paintings have been uploaded to my website. You will find my art for sale on this website and the four Marietta art shows at the Marietta Artisan Market are scheduled this year. Two this Spring and two this Fall. Additionally, I may be participating in some first Friday Art Walks too. So stay tuned. I’m toying with the idea of sending a calendar with my dates, but can not decide on the images yet.



Thembi Elephant Painting

Pictured above

Thembi – Elephant 24 x 30 original elephant oil painting shown as wall art decor. Click image for more info.


Pantaleon Lion Painting

Pictured Above Pantaleon-an original 36 x 48 inch lion oil painting shown as wall art decor. This is one of my two current lion paintings. More are planned in the future. Click on image for more information.


Original Oil on Canvas
The Rising Soul Giraffe Painting

Pictured above

The Rising Soul – 24 x 30 https://pinterest.comClick on image for more info

Hopefully this gave you some good ideas for how these paintings or similar artworks may look as an interior decoration. As always, you may subscribe to my newsletter and follow me on Facebook for the best updates. Click the highlighted links to follow/subscribe. Please add me to your address book if you are subscribing to my newsletter, otherwise, it is going to spam folders. This is something that I’m working to fix.

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