Mother Dolphin and Baby 8 x 16


An original oil painting captures a  mother dolphin swimming along side her two week old baby calf.


Baby Dolphin
Mother Dolphin and Her Baby Calf 8″ x 16″

The Inspiration

This mother dolphin and baby, known as a calf or pupswim alongside each other while hunting near the Clearwater Marina. This original oil painting was inspired by an actual sighting I saw while on an excursion on Encounters with Dolphins in Clearwater, Florida.

About the Mother Dolphin and Baby Painting

The painting itself measures 8 x 16 inches and is created with greenish blue turquoise colors.  For visual interest, the dolphins are painted with subtle shades of blue and lavender. Texture shows in the highlights due to the use of a painting knife.

Facts about a Mother Dolphin and Baby

According to the tour guide, the calf was estimated to be about 2 weeks old. What a treasure it was to see this. Dolphin calves stay with their mothers for approximately 2 yrs.

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Additional information

Dimensions 16 x 8 x .75 in


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