Handling Rejection

Dealing With and Handling Rejection

Rejection! We all have to deal with it at some point or another, right? Oh yeah, and it can happen more than once. Handling Rejection can be rather difficult for some, completely blowing confidence, but please do not let that happen. Here is why.


My Experience With Rejection

Let me share a little story with you. Yesterday, I had an art gallery interview with a gallery I had recently taken an interest in after visiting.  The reason I really liked this particular gallery because they have more contemporary realism which is my style and a good fit for me. While, I’m pretty confident in my work, I did realize that it was possible they may take all of my work or nothing. However, I was surprised that they only took one small piece. Now here is where it gets good.

Handling Rejection
Handling Rejection

Yes, I was surprised they only took one piece, but…..they took a piece of my art. It’s a small piece and that was a foot in the door for me. They haven’t worked with me before, so this gives them a chance to get to know me and me to get to know them. The gallery was very kind and professional. They also gave me some tips on art that sells.

What is my take on this experience?

  • I landed a piece in a gallery
  • I now  have a foot in the door
  • I obtained very useful advice
  • I can now improve my work
  • I can now build my relationship with the gallery

Next I had to come home and break the news to my amazing supportive family. I maintained my optimistic attitude and told them I was okay with the decision and happy I had this opportunity.

As I’m licking my wounds. I venture back into my art studio to file papers and touch base with a couple of potential opportunities that some friend had inquired of me.

Earl G Graves Quote Handling Rejection
Earl G. Graves on Rejection

Unbelievable What Happened Next

I suddenly get two messages, simultaneously, about two of my paintings. One is now pending and before I close that conversation, I get a message about another lead. All that on top of a potential sale that happened before my interview today. So yes, I believe that there is an order to things in life and their outcome.

What Can You Learn From This?

  • Be prepared for any outcome
  • Remain Professional
  • Be thankful to the person who took time out of their day for you
  • See what you can learn from this experience
  • Do not give up. It’s not the end of the road
  • Be open minded to constructive criticism. There is no need to get offended. Find how it will help you.

You can find some interesting quotes on rejection from Tony Robbins to Cluade Monet here: http://www.art-quotes.com/getquotes.php?catid=256#.WZpGKiiGM2w

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