Fast Motion Giraffe Painting

Happy Wildlife Wednesday. Recently I painted Giraffe Calf Willow and Mom Juma embracing. As I painted it, I caught most of it on video. At first I was working at night, so lighting wasn’t real good. It gets better a minute or two in. View the Fast Motion Giraffe Painting Below.

As a matter of fact ,this is about 20 hours crammed into 5 minutes. It’s so deceiving on the true time it takes to create a piece of art, but fun to watch. Turn up your volume to enjoy the background music provided by Kevin Ma

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Fast Motion Giraffe Painting


Although it’s too time consuming at this time to record each video, I do plan to add more in the future.

If you missed the post about Giraffe Calf Willow, it’s a good read. I had mistakenly confused Willow with little Julius (Willow’s cousin) who didn’t make it. You can read all about it here


Do you know how long giraffe gestation period is? I’m reading that it is a whopping 15 months although some conflict as 13-15 months. I can’t even  imagine as 9 months was more than long enough for me.

  • Giraffe Facts
  • Average Height: 16-19 Ft
  • Weight: Females approximately 1600 lbs
  • Males: Approximately 2600 lbs
  • Average Life Span 25 yrs (in the wild)
  • Herbivores
  • Galloping pace 35 MPH
  • Native to 15 different countries


Humans are challenges because they hunt giraffes for their meat and hide. African cultures highly prize their tails which are used for good luck bracelets, fly swatters and sewing thread.

They are also losing their living spaces due to human population and habitat growth. Giraffe’s are losing their main source of food, Acacia trees due to human population growth.

According the the American Wildlife Federation, Educating the population on sustainable agricultural practices and conservation are key.

Details about Giraffe Calf Julius Painting may be found here:


National Geographic

American Wildlife Federation

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