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Tina A Stoffel Paintings

Memorial Day weekend was my most recent art show at the Marietta Artisan Market. This time last year, I was planning, researching and networking with many artists. As a matter of fact, I’ve created a Pinterest board all about tips just for art shows and fairs. You can see it here:


Tina A Stoffel Paintings
Tina A Stoffel Art Display

Plan Ahead

Planning ahead has always proven beneficial for me. In this case, I’m so glad I did because it sure saved me from a lot of mistakes and headaches.


During my research, I had several recommendations and even found some lists which I modified for my outdoor art show. For your convenience I’ve put it together in a handy PDF file. You may download it here if you wish. OUTDOOR-ART-FAIR-PACKING-LIST-Sheet1.pdf (11 downloads)


  SET UP     copyright Tina A Stoffel  
  Set up instructions        
  Display walls Mesh panels/gridwall   WORK SUPPLIES  
  Tent weights important   Easel  
  Rain wall protection     Paint  
  Bungee Cord or Rope     Brushes  
  Print rack     Painting knife  
  Table     Solvent  
  Table Cover     Bag  
  Carpet Optional adds nice touch   Towels  
  Hammer/ mallet     Canvas  
   Rain Panels        
  Art hangers Drapery hooks work well      
  Hand Truck/cart        
  Tag Hangers Safety pins work great on mesh      
  Packing Tape        
  Box Cutter        
  Paper Towels        
  Touch up paint Oil sticks/Acrylic Pens      
  Business Cards        
  Business Card Holder        
  Price Tags  Try plain business cards      
  Guest Book        
  Commission Agreement        
  Sales Receipts/receipt book        
  Inventory list        
  Credit Card Swipe        
  Cell phone        
  Bags for purchases        
  Glass cleaner for frames    


Benefits of Showing Your Work

If you are new to the art business, or haven’t shown your art, I highly recommend it. If you are observant, you will find several benefits from your show.

  1. Meeting Prospective Customers
  2. Familiarizing People With Your Work
  3. Learning to Talk About Your Art
  4. Feedback on Pieces People like (verbal and nonverbal)
  5. Playing with Doggies

Ok, I threw that last one in, but I do love animals and enjoy all my fury visitors such as these sweet dogs.

Art Perks

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