From Blogger to WordPress

Before I had this website up and running, I was using blogger. However, I think it would be more beneficial to have it all streamlined to this website. Therefore, I’m running this post as a test and welcome feedback.

Meanwhile, I have uploaded one of my newer paintings, titled “Old Indian Woman”. If you missed the scoop on this one, it’s an interesting story.

Indian Woman Painting
Old Indian Woman

Old Indian Woman is actually a new rendition of an old painting that has been in my family since I can remember.  It was completed  by a distant late cousin named Denny Luckett. I’ve always admired this painting since I was a young child and I always saw it as a sailboat.

Since it was handed down to me, it was explained it was an old Indian woman. For some reason, I think the sailboat is more prevalent in his version than mine. What do you think?  Here is the original.  may even do another version in different colors some day.



Written by Tina A Stoffel


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